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Three years later , Cafam La Floresta decided to remodel its building and with it, it required every food place to move to the second floor where the 'food court' was going to be. Taking advantage of the situation, we decided to change the image a little by taking the desserts off the menu, introducing cold sandwiches, hot dogs and crepes, changing the name to Juice Place, and modifying the overall design. Luckily, we weren't located in the 'food court', but instead, in front of the movie theaters, something great for us.

"Juice Place." Today.

Finally, on December 2003, we were able to open our second location. Although it is smaller, it is special because it is the first food place located on the first floor of Cafam La Floresta. That is, It is not in the shopping area (second floor), but rather in the super market, so you will be able to enjoy our made-to-order juices while you do grocery shopping.

"Juice Place II." Today.

Juice Place II is the first sign of our popularity grow and perhaps the beginning of a well-founded company. But actually, we have been able to do this because we have worked very hard to give the best service and products, because we have found great people along the way who have given us a hand, because we have a great team who is always willing to give their best to the company and to its customers, but the most important reason is because of YOU. You are the one who keeps this family-owned company moving and you are the reason why we are here. We hope you keep enjoying our products.


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