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If you have ever been in Cartagena, Colombia, you probably know that there is nothing better than being on the beach drinking a cold, made-to-order, fresh-squeeze natural fruit juice, right? Well, what about if the "unfortunate" people who live in Bogota were able to enjoy that same tasty, refreshing, 100%-natural fruit juice in a really cool place?

We thought it would be awesome! And that was basically our beginning. That was the only idea we needed to get started. From then, we just had to start working on the ways to reach the perfection: the right amount of each ingredient to make the perfect and balanced combination of fruit, ice, water or milk, and sugar to be poured in a 16-oz. cup with no left overs.

That sounds kind of easy, right? But the truth is that it took more than a few days and a lot of trials before we had the perfect fruit weight and the perfect amount of ice, water or milk, and sugar. Keeping in mind that every fruit has its own characteristics and behaves differently, there are different measurements for each one of them.

After we reached the juice perfection, we though it would be a great idea to offer desserts as well. Although the juices were our main focus, desserts played an important role in the whole idea of the business. Since we wanted to offer homemade products, there was no one better than mom to accomplish this with her delicious typical Colombian desserts like Natilla, Arroz con Leche, Fresas con Crema. After a few months, Italian desserts like Tiramisu, and American desserts like Brownies, Shakes and Ice Cream were introduced.

Since the sweet side of the business was planed, we felt that we needed to compliment our yummy juices with a delicious something. So, we came down with the idea of making home style grilled sandwiches like a Tuna Melt, Ham and Cheese, only Cheese, and the feature Chicken and Cheese.

After having figured out the whole menu, we were ready to go. We just needed to came up with a cool design and name. Since our strongest products were juices and desserts, we decided to call it just that: Jugos & Postres -Juices & Treats-. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to open our first location on the first floor of Cafam La Floresta, Bogota, on June 1, 1998.

"Jugos & Postres." December 1998.

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