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LEONARDO ROJAS is one of the brothers. He is an Industrial Designer from La Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia, and the role model of the family being a great husband, father, son, brother and professional. He was the one who made the logo design of the old Jugos & Postres.
With Juice Place he was even more involved. He designed the logo, the menu signs, the business cards, the frequent-customer cards, and the overall look of Juice Place.

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JAVIER ROJAS is the oldest brother. He is a business man, but he also has a lot of skills in other fields. When Jugos & Postres started, he was pretty involved with the overall construction and he also helped us find the right suppliers for all the ingredients. When we switched to Juice Place, he was the one who actually built the place and put it together. He also brought some new ideas for the fruit portioning and introduced the sandwiches with french bread, among other things.

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DANIELA, FELIPE, SANTIAGO, JUAN P. & MATEO are the kids. They are the ones who bring the happiness and the inspiration home. They are the reason why we do everything.
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