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For us, the family is one of the most important things in life. And because of the union of this family, each one of us has been able to reach most of our goals. Juice Place was and still is our goal, and we know that YOU are the reason why we are here right now, but without the support of each member of the family, we wouldn't be here today.

As a matter of fact, each member of the family has put his/her own effort to make Juice Place what it is today, thank you all!

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EDWIN MORRIS was the head of the family, the father. He was a photographer by profession, but he had skills in a lot of fields. He was born in Cartagena, Colombia. Therefore, he was the one with the whole idea of opening a business in Bogota like the "fresh juices in Cartagena."
He lived some time in the U.S. and after that, he returned to Colombia and put the money to open the second location of Juice Place. Unfortunately, he was a victim of the violence in Colombia.












BEATRIZ DE MORRIS is, for us, the most important person in the world, the mother. She worked as an executive secretary in Cafam for 25 years. With her retirement money, she decided to establish Jugos & Postres, which nowadays is "Juice Place."
She is the actual owner, the one who takes total care of the business and the mother who takes total care of her daughter and two sons, despite the sudden and tragic loss of her husband Edwin.

SHARON MORRIS is the daughter. She is an Industrial Design student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. When Jugos & Postres started, she spent time working on the recipes for the desserts, and of course, tasting them. She also took care of the customers on her free time.
After she moved to the United States, she hadn't been able to help so much on the business until now that she made this web site possible throughout design, lay out and publishing.
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